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Guardsman Fabri-Coate

Improves the care and cleaning of fabrics and carpeting.

Guardsman Fabri-Coate is versatile protector that works on fabric that needs protection against soiling. Fabrics such as upholstered furniture, modular office panels and bedspreads, to name a few.

Reasons to use Guardsman Fabri-Coate:
  • Fabric is thoroughly and more effectively protected. Solvent based Fabri-Coate "wicks" into fabric, protecting the entire length of each fiber
  • Read-to-use no mixing, measuring or diluting
  • No need to overlap - wicking action moves horizontally, assuring uniform protection on all fibers
  • Easy clean up - protector will not separate and clog equipment
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Will not change the "feel" of fabric
  • Will not change the hue or color of fabric
  • Will not lock dirt in - if inadvertently applied to dirty fabric, Fabri-Coate penetrates through dirt or residue build-up and adheres to the fiber itself
  • Overspray is not a problem - will not leave unsightly residue if left to dry
  • Will not damage woodwork or furniture
How Fabri-Coate Works:

Guardsman Fabri-Coate is a oil based professional-strength fabric protection product that is applied to your new furniture. Unlike other fabric protection products(Scotch Guard), Fabri-Coate penetrates deep into fibers to protect fabric from the inside and out. Its unique formula works invisibly to increase stain and soil resistance, and make the fabric easier to clean.

Just look at some of the accidental stains covered by the fabric protection plan:
Coffee, Soda, Milk, Jelly, Gravy, Mustard, Salsa, Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Wine, Juice, Sauce, Beer, Vomit, Soup, Pizza, Blood, Urine.

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